January 17, 2005

What is King of the Blogs?

Somehow I have neglected in writing a post on what exactly the King of the Blogs Tournament is, and why it exists Thanks goes to Dean Esmay who helped me in noticing the omission.

  • To describe it:

The King of the Blogs Tournament pits 3 blogs against each other in a weeklong contest. The blogs are judged on three items:

A. General blogginess (site design and so forth)
B. Creativity (the legendary challenge question, a question to test both writing ability and creativity in a set time)
C. A submitted post they select to be judged (for writing ability alone)

by 3 judges picked by the hosts and commissioner of the tournament. These judges currently are:

Bad Example
News From the Great Beyond
Smarter Cop

There are also other avenues to gain points, including winning the KOTB Poll, and the Trackback Challenge, where a blog influences other blogs to trackback to the KOTB site pledging loyalty to the monarch of their choice.

The blog that wins moves on the week after to defend his or her crown. Think King of the Hill.

Flattery and bribes have been known to work in the past also...

The tournament not only helps provide eyes to your site, but also useful critiques to help you rise in the blogosphere.

  • It's history:

The King of the Blog tournament was started by myself, Nick of Patriot Paradox to fill the void at the time of no contests for established blogs to participate in. I was really seeking something to gain some feedback on my own blog at, but when none where apparent I decided to create one. We started out with a two-week contest that started in week one with 6 blogs, and in week two with the three remaining blogs. There were six judges at the time. It went away in the spring of 2004 since things were too hectic at the time (election and all).

The tournament returned this past December, streamlined and ready to go.

Posted by Nick Queen at January 17, 2005 08:09 PM

I'd like to be able to abdicate to a worthy individual. When will this be reformulated?

Posted by: GMRoper at April 27, 2005 03:21 PM
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